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Finding your soulmate is no longer left to fate




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Our network is global.

We are servicing clients globally, including cross-continent search.



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Our amazing clients report positive transformation in their new romantic life

ML Introductions is a team of skilled European high-end matchmakers at the service of accomplished and successful single men.


By placing their life partner quest in our experted hands, our aspiring male clientele trust our matchmaking services to meet the utmost quality of women, while saving time and energy.


Using our passion, interpersonal skills and expertise, we actively search for your perfect match and create meaningful, highly qualitative connections, away from the digital world, in total discretion. 


The Agency was founded by Marjorie Libourel,  who has worked as a high end matchmaker for years in the European Capital.


Our European office is based in Brussels, Belgium. 


Our network is global.

Based on your preferences, we have the capacity to match you in Belgium, in Europe or an international scale to find your special person.


Thanks to our global network, our geographical capacities to find your special someone are almost unlimited and unsurpassed.

Matchmaking is our passion and it is what we do best. 

Sit back, relax and enjoy the journey. 

How does Matchmaking work?

The journey kicks off with arranging an initial consultation, which can be conducted either online or in person.


During this meeting, we establish a connection by delving into various aspects of your life. This is an important time where the objective is to understand who you really are. 

Find out about your history, your future aspirations, motivations, partner wishes and goals.


If we find ourselves to be a match for each other and decide to work hand in hand, we activate our targeted matchmaking search for you, whether that is in Brussels, Belgium, in European neighbouring countries or outside or Europe, based on your preferences.


For you, we cast a wide net within our extensive network of women, conducting interviews with them, and carefully selecting candidates whom we believe exhibit a high potential for compatibility with you.


Within about two weeks, you will receive your first introduction with us.

We make sure it is special.

After the date, we gather detailed feedback on the experience and provide you guidance accordingly.

You can decide to explore this introduction further, and we can also refine our search for you.


As experts with an established reputation in the dating and matchmaking industry, we stay abreast of the latest industry developments, offering you the right support and resources for we achieve success with you.


All you have to do is relax, sit back and prepare to embark on this thrilling matchmaking journey with us.

About our Matchmaking process


The Discussion

Our process always begins with a comprehensive, in-depth interview.


During this time, we explore your personal history, and discuss your goals and future plans.


This initial step is vital in gaining a clear understanding of you, and enables us to effectively activate your partner search.


The Search

Once we conducted our interview, we use the information you provided us in a confidential manner and dive into our extensive network and carefully select the most compatible matches for you.


Are you ready to get started?


Let us start with your first introduction, which we will organise. 


The Experience

Have all parties agreed to meet and are all arrangements in place? 

It's time for your first encounter. We strive to handle as many details as possible to ensure a memorable and enjoyable experience for you.


We always go above and beyond to provide the best service.


The Feedback

Your first date has been good and you want to explore?

You're unsure and need some advice? 

Let us know.

If you are unsure of the next steps, reach out to us, as this is part of our process.

We value your feedback and offer our advice to make your experience even better.


Why Matchmaking with us?

Matchmaking is what we do best, and we are passionate about it.

To our team, matchmaking is more than a profession, it is a vocation and working with outstanding individuals is what keeps us thriving.

 By using our matchmaking services, we guarantee you:

A highly personalised service

By hiring a personal matchmaker, you decide to hire someone who understands you, your preferences, lifestyle, values, and uniqueness.


We offer very tailored matchmaking services based in Brussels, Belgium, using our expertise, experience and authenticity to create quality introductions between people looking for genuine commitment and excellence.

Each matchmaking journey starts with a thorough interview with each of or client.

In this phase, we take the time to understand your preferences, values and lifestyle in a way that no algorithm, digital matchmaking platform or application will ever do.

An innovative method

After years in the industry, we decided to adopt a very different approach from most traditional agencies.

We work actively for our male clients. Women, on the other hand, join our Guest network daily.

When searching for our male candidate, we then tap into our pool of diverse feminine candidates. This not only lead to an outstanding success, but also a very high quality of dates. We use several channels to find this very special match for our clients, whether that is via Headhunting, our own database or network.


We are proud of this approach as it works.

Ethics & Transparency

As professional matchmakers, transparency in the matchmaking process is key.

Each candidate you will meet will be carefully screened, interviewed, and selected.

We follow a thorough and consistent methodology to make sure each introduction is right for you, ensuring we keep your trust in our matchmaking process all along the way.

Efficiency & time saving

You probably have a busy life and might not be particularly fan of swiping endlessly for often limited results.

Our Brussels matchmaking services are valuable as we do the search for you, and, through our streamlined process, organize dates for you.

Combined to our guidance and feedback, matchmaking is a positive experience embarking you towards new people, and new opportunities.

Guidance & Expertise

As matchmakers, we understand the complexities of dating in our busy lives and modern society. We make sure we provide you with the right guidance and a high level of service to ensure you a smooth and rich journey toward your future life partner.


We offer a supportive environment and high level service to our clients, two elements that contribute to a positive matchmaking experience for our clients.

Privacy and discretion

We give a high value to utmost discretion when dealing with our clients' privacy and confidentiality. 


We make sure to protect your privacy and identity throughout our partner search on your behalf.  

Servicing our clients with


We provide high-quality  romantic introductions


We unlock your best version to thrive in your relationships

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