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  • Why does ML Introduction only service men actively?

Experience has shown us men and women have a different way of approaching matchmaking. While many women are comfortable with using professional matchmakers, some men still struggle with limiting beliefs that prevent them from seeking these services and ultimately, keeps them signe. As a result, most matchmaking agencies tend to have an unequal ratio of men to women. By focusing exclusively on serving men, our matchmaking agency avoids this issue and is able to maintain a balanced gender ratio. We carefully select potential matches from our extensive network of women, resulting in exceptional matches and ultimately, successful outcomes.

  • How does the ML Introductions system work and why is it different?

In our agency, we have a unique approach to matchmaking: men are members and women are guests. As professional matchmakers, we take an active role in serving our male members. We tap into our extensive network of single women, who are able to register for free. This transparent and ethical approach ensures a superior quality of matches and maximizes the chances of success. We matched 100's of couples so far.

  • What sets ML Introductions apart?

As professional matchmakers, we possess a considerable experience in successfully connecting high-level male clients with their ideal female partners. Our highly approach, exceptional level of service, and superior relationship skills set us apart in the industry. We are fluent in multiple languages, and have a solid global network to support our matchmaking practices. Our methods are ensuring the best possible outcome for our clients.

  • What is an Executive Matchmaker?

An executive matchmaker operates similarly to a private headhunter. We assist you in selecting highly quality matches based on our understanding of you, combined to our personal approach to each of our client. 

To excel in this role, a matchmaker must possess exceptional emotional intelligence, coupled with a strong network, methodology, and ethical standards. These are qualities that we strive to embody each day as we go about our work.

  • Who are Executive Matchmaking Services for?

Our professional matchmaking services are tailored to successful single men who are seeking a partner with whom to share the wonderful life they have built. Our male clients prefer to save time by entrusting their search fo us, experienced professional matchmakers. By doing so, they can be introduced to exceptional women, without the hassle of swiping through endless dating app for often fruitless results.

  • How much does a ML Introductions membership cost?

We cater to a professional clientele, offering customized packages that are tailored to the specific needs of each client. Our approach is highly personalized, ensuring that we meet the unique requirements and preferences of every individual who seeks our services.

  • How large is our Database?

Matchmaking is more than just a simple database search. It is about identifying the perfect match, like finding a raw diamond that has the potential to shine. To achieve this, we use a range of diverse search techniques to locate exceptional candidates that meet the specific criteria of our clients, increasing the likelihood of a successful and lasting connection.

  • Where are the ML Introductions offices located?

Our European office is based in Brussels, Belgium, but our network is global and we are very well connected on almost each continent. We operate  in European cities such as Paris, Brussels, London,  Amsterdam but also the USA, Dubaï, Singapore and Sydney, Australia.

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